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A Detroit cop must infiltrate a cartel to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend before she is executed by an audacious drug lord.



MARC LAAR, 30, hastily races his cop car to the closest hospital. Detroit police officer KELLY CAINE, 27, sits slumped in his passenger seat, moments from bleeding-out from a gunshot wound to her neck. Marc does his job, whereas Kelly's life remains in the hands of the hospital surgeons. Witnessing the traumatic event takes Marc back to Somalia, 2007, and the days when he served as a U.S. Navy SEAL.

Ambush! An explosion rocks Marc's SEAL team which decimates the entire unit. Those that survived the blast are dug in and ferociously battling insurgents. Marc and CHRISTINE, 25, (a Federal Agent assigned to assist the team with their covert mission) are the last to barely survive the onslaught. On the run through Somalia, both must hold out until allied extraction arrives. The odds are not at all in their favor.

In present-day Detroit, Marc and SPIRIT (a one-eyed, drug-sniffing police dog) capture the dealer of a new synthetic drug called KH. Marc learns that the perilous drugs are linked to Arcadia, the name of a utopian neighborhood financed and built on the bulldozed streets of Detroit by billionaire investor TAKAO HIRANO who is secretly a despotic drug czar. The Detroit police assemble a massive strike team into Arcadia to dispatch the flow of illegal narcotics.

With time before the raid, Marc visits a recovering Kelly inside of the hospital. After officially meeting Marc for the first time since the traumatic incident, she immediately falls for her rescuer. As a token of her appreciation, Kelly insists that Marc accept her deceased father's lucky knife, which he does.

The police neutralize the drug dealers and secure millions worth of illegal product. The heroes of Detroit claim their notoriety. It turns out that Marc has mistakenly left Kelly’s knife back at Arcadia, somewhere at the scene of the narcotics seizure. Unwilling to disappoint his new lady-crush, Marc and Spirit quietly slip into Arcadia to retrieve the old blade, that is until her super-sensitive nose leads them to a second shipment of drugs -- a billion dollar stockpile which is now ready for distribution onto the streets of America. The earlier shipment seized by the police was merely a distraction for this mega truck load.

Cut off from outside help, Marc and Spirit are forced to steal the entire truck while somehow surviving within the hostile borders of Arcadia. Together, they must battle corrupt police, hired mercenary teams, and even a creepy henchman named FENG (a one-armed martial-artist).

Desperate to retrieve his narcotics, Hirano kidnaps Kelly and forces Marc to trade his own life for hers. The final showdown between Marc and Hirano involve forty stories of hand to hand combat, rockets fired from one building to another, and a brave Kelly that snags and destroys Hirano’s escape helicopter with a roof-top tower crane.

Hope, heroism, and the will to survive is front and center -- no matter how bad the odds. Hirano is defeated in shocking fashion when Marc reveals his secret; he's a left leg amputee from an injury sustained back in Somalia. The epic finale shows Hirano fall forty stories from the top of his own building and straight down to his death. If not for Marc’s prosthetic leg, he would have certainly died alongside of Hirano. Marc, Kelly and trusty K-9 walk off into the sunset to begin a new relationship, happily ever after.



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