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Lost in deep space, a rescue ship must side with alien rebels and defeat ruthless conquerors who possess the technology that will safely return them home.


In the future, the Earth's solar system is an active corridor for every facet of space travel. The First Fleet utilizes Advanced Rescue Crafts (ARC) that patrol and respond to emergencies involving life and property. Under the command of a savvy veteran named EVANDER REYNOLDS, the gallant ARC JULIET narrowly saves a civilian space yacht from a fiery destruction. Due to engine damage, the small yacht and its crew hitch a ride back to Earth while safely inside of the Juliet's hangar bay.

Unfortunately, Captain Reynolds will soon retire, leaving behind a lustrous legacy rivaled by none. Every crew member fortunate to have served under the Captain has their own story regarding how inspirational he was both on a professional and a personal level. Slated to take over the Juliet is his 2nd in command, and quite febrile WAYNE HARDING who receives last minute word that the First Fleet will not approve his promotion request. Devastated after hearing the decision, Harding believes his time on the Juliet has ended, therefore, he decides a transfer to the ARC SIERRA, under the command of his fiancé CAPTAIN CLARKE, will be his next logical career move.

Before the Juliet can return home, the ship is tasked with a new assignment: to respond to an emergency involving a small research platform called the DIGITAL ARRAY. Upon arrival, two scientists remain alive for rescue, the mysterious MOHAMMED ZACHARY and his reticent assistant, each in possession of a case which contains a sample of prototype energy secretly smuggled on board the Juliet. Minutes before a bizarre anomaly dooms the Digital Array, Captain Reynolds boards the station to neutralize the threat but not before sacrificing his own life in the process.

Immediately after the deadly event concludes, the Juliet and her crew find themselves without their revered Captain, low on food, and hopelessly lost in an unknown galaxy. Harding must now prove to his deflated crew that he can fill the shoes of his mentor and lead the Juliet back home to safety.

Desperate to assist her fiancé onboard the Juliet, Captain Clarke races the Sierra to “space zero” hoping for answers to the Juliet's whereabouts. Upon arrival, the Sierra is confronted by two ominous dreadnoughts under the command of one ADMIRAL GHERING of the military branch to the Galactic Defense Council. Ensuingly, Clarke realizes that the Admiral is hiding a massive coverup and risks the safety of her own crew to expose the truth behind what's really happened to the Juliet.

Meanwhile, in an unknown part of the universe, the Juliet and its crew desperately search for a way home. Harding enlists Zachary and the owner of the rescued yacht, ROBERT DEVIN (former scientist and now film maker), to establish first contact with an alien ship operated by an amphibious being. Unable to effectively communicate with the lifeform, the crew surmises that they've arrived in the middle of an eternal war between two alien races hell bent on destroying each other.

The alien aggressor is a race of rock creatures who attack the Juliet and demand that the ship and crew immediately surrender. Communicating through a captured human being, it's revealed that through superior numbers, the rock creatures assimilate and brutally enslave every race they encounter, which includes a lost military warship from Earth's own Galactic Defense Council. After Zachary activates a dormant, yet experimental computer core within the Juliet, an obscure link between the ARC vessels triggers and initiates, thereby restoring a glimmer of hope for the bewildered crew.

Somehow, from across the farthest reaches of the galaxy, two ships and their respective crews must work together towards rescue or else one will unquestionably remain forever lost.



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