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A commercial astronaut must come out of retirement to help rescue seven world leaders trapped inside of a crippled space station before it crashes to Earth.


The moon undergoes colonization and space travel prevails despite large accumulations of man-made debris that litter the upper atmosphere. As a result, deadly accidents occur instantly and at a speed of over ten thousand miles per hour. To combat such hazards, corporations employee civilian pilots who meticulously track and neutralize orbital junk using small hybrid crafts called Terriers.

Conditions on Earth have turned desperate after a nuclear deployment decimates the Middle East. Dominating space travel for decades, Russia will host a global peace treaty on board their innovative  space station named Molniya One. Seven world leaders will head to the stars to usher a brand new resolution for mankind. Eager for the experience, U.S. President LIAM URBAN will accompany the extraterrestrial envoy along with the Russian President and her dubious Chief, VIKTOR RURIK.

Falcon Industries dispatches their best pilots to show-off for the Molniya station attendees with the goal of campaigning for future funding. Pilot VINCE JAMMER competes with ALEXIS HAMILTON to prove once and for all who is the superior astronaut. Unfortunately, the transport craft responsible for the safe return of the world diplomats becomes severely damaged, consequently forcing Alexis and Jammer into the role of rescuers. With all options exhausted, both must board the station, search for and retrieve the survivors, one of which happens to be President Urban.

The situation on board Molniya One is far worse than anticipated as the pilots battle rampant fires en route to secure the President only to find that Rurik intends to settle an old score against America by flooding the station with a highly infectious disease. To make matters worse, he programs the station to dive into the East Coast, kamikaze style. Without a safe way off of the station for the remaining survivors, the President orders the doomsday weapon destroyed before it enters the atmosphere.

JEB BRADLEY, former pilot and estranged partner to Alexis, commandeers a mothballed Terrier to save the stranded subjects. Alexis will attempt to modify a disposal tube on-board the crippled station to link with the Terrier and hopefully complete the safe transfer of the President before reaching the point of no return. In his haste to launch, Jeb fails to notice his young son, PARKER, is now a stowaway on his Terrier. The fate of millions now relies on the fortitude of a fractured family.

As time runs out, Jeb redirects the station and rescues the world's most powerful leaders. Unfortunately, Alexis must remain behind to enable their safe departure off of the doomed station. In a last ditch effort for survival, she uses a small specimen torpedo to exit the station and enter the Earth's atmosphere. Recognizing the intent, Jeb calls upon his rusty piloting skills to catch, secure and safely return her to the surface. Despite the efforts of a mad man, the infected space station safely crashes into an uninhabitable portion of Earth. The heroes of the world save millions of innocent lives, also, family members Alexis, Jeb and Parker are reunited and, consequently live happily ever after.



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